March 10, 2014

Serialisation Nightmares – the Three Big Worries that keep Managers awake at night…

The Three Big Worries that keep Managers awake at night: The first Big Worry was understanding Traceability Requirements and what an effective Manufacturer Readiness Programme would look […]
March 6, 2014

Rumours and Chinese Whispers…

Good news, at last! According to the latest rumours and speculations popping up in relation to the EU-FMD Safety Features provision, we should be “surprised if […]
February 18, 2014

3C Integrity Serialisation Training

[print_responsive_thumbnail_slider] 3C Integrity’s Serialisation Training Next Training Event: 23rd / 24th September 2014 in Basel Following the success of our first Training Event on 2nd and 3rd […]
February 15, 2014

Why we are going to run these Serialisation Training Events

Getting ready for Serialisation as required by the EU-FMD presents a major challenge for every pharmaceutical manufacturer supplying the European Market. Many manufacturers – especially smaller and medium-sized companies […]