Why your #pharma #serialisation RFI should not be like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates – full of surprises!
March 1, 2016
GTT Europe – A serialisation penny drops for pharma manufacturers
March 21, 2016

3C Excellis Europe share serialization best practice at GTT Europe

3C Excellis Europe were delighted to be able to sponsor and participate in the GTT Europe event in Cologne last week.

Participants from all sectors of the pharma supply chain including MAHs large and small, virtual pharmas, and CMOs participated in an information round table exchange where real, hard won and relevant serialization best practice was shared freely.

The presentations provided participants with a unique opportunity to explore together subjects not covered in serialisation conferences. As well as information on emerging serialisation requirements from GS1, deep insight into developments from the European perspective were also available from 3C’s Christoph Krahenbuhl.

Participants share serialization best practice at GTT Europe

Participants share serialization best practice at GTT Europe

Point of dispense

Bringing together brand owners and CMOs for a high quality and honest discussion on the challenges of readiness and integration was a highlight, but it was the live demonstration of the complete healthcare serialisation system from patient to manufacturing line that really stimulated discussion and opened many participants eyes to the real implications of what we are working together to build.

Contact us to receive serialization best practice from GTT Europe

This unique vendor-independent event covered a range of serialization best practice including:

  • • GS1 Healthcare on Europe and the EU-FMD requirements
  • • An overview of the system from the Manufacturing Authorization Holder to the patient
  • • Implications of the EU-FMD for stakeholders, the obligations it places on them and the capabilities they need to address these fully
  • • ‘State of the union’ and why it is important to act now
  • • The bottlenecks of serialization and where the solutions can be found

Contact GTT Europe at info@globaltrackandtrace.eu if you would like more information about this and future events and the download link to the presentations.

Tweet your traceability challenges to @3CExcellis for the latest advice and serialization best practice from Christoph, Ian and the 3C team.

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