Review your serialization program from a strategic enterprise point of view

Many companies have approached serialization from a tactical compliance point of view: it is time to integrate this in the complete supply chain at the enterprise level. Our healthcheck is a targeted added-value review/analysis that will quickly identify where you are, what program elements are in place and what needs to be addressed. It is a key element to help you secure your budget and resources for the program. The output will be a traffic-light report with recommended actions to move you forward and eliminate risks.

Additionally it will set the base of the sustainability phase and the serialization Centre of Excellence that will be at the heart of the “Beyond Serialization” exercise.

We will help you check the health of your end-to-end serialization solution and the current status of your program. Our healthcheck toolkit can be used on-site or remotely to review your program and that of your CMOs and 3PLs.

Our dashboard scores the health of each strategic element of your serialization program and compares this to industry best practice to identify and take action against gaps in your solution. This is all monitored and updated against current – and future – global traceability requirements.

Our healthcheck can be configured to suit any kind of Pharma manufacturer and is carried out at any stage of your traceability journey.

For pharma manufacturers already implementing:

  • Identify and address risks
  • Assess your program against industry best practice
  • Develop an independent report to communicate risks and recommendations to management and stakeholders

For those not yet started:

  • Define your approach
  • Assess your program to identify added value
  • Identify and prioritise next steps

For pharma organisations that are near completion:

  • Objective and independently review your programme
  • Identify areas for improvement, added value, and future growth
  • Check the health of your CMOs and 3PLs

Our robust methodology will deliver an independent serialization healthcheck that delivers recommendations against your risks.

Our team of subject matter experts will systematically assess your current state of implementation and feedback any gaps and recommended next steps. We can then work with you to close these gaps in the context of a long-term post-serialization and sustainability strategy that will add value beyond compliance.

Contact Excellis Europe and check the health of your serialization solution today

The pharma industry have a commitment to patient safety and health. It is also important we take care of our own health and call in the specialists when needed.

We are the subject-matter experts who care about the health of your business and the health of patients around the globe.

Email and check your health.

CMO on-boarding

Engage and integrate your CMOs and 3PLs successfully with 3C Excellis. Our proven CMO on-boarding program will link your internal and external supply chains seamlessly.

We keep track of the big picture so that you and your CMOs can focus on your serialization compliance while we secure your supply chain.

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Regulatory Requirements Radar

Understand your traceability requirements at a glance and within a wider context with our regulatory requirements radar. This will enable you to plan and implement a successful serialization response.

Our regulatory requirements radar will help you comply today and tomorrow while adding value at each stage.

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EU-Hub On-boarding

Excellis Europe have created a specialized passport to support all pharma manufacturers, brand owners, MAHs and repackagers successfully on-board to the European Hub.

Our passport will help you pass the stringent tests to on-board to the EU-Hub quickly and enable you to avoid unnecessary delays along the way.

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