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March 6, 2014
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March 13, 2014

Serialisation Nightmares – the Three Big Worries that keep Managers awake at night…

The Three Big Worries that keep Managers awake at night:

The first Big Worry was understanding Traceability Requirements and what an effective Manufacturer Readiness Programme would look like.

The second Big Worry is about the cost of implementing Serialisation, as early adopters are taking stock in the face of tough challenges by their CEOs.

The third Big Worry will be about trying to come to terms with the impact serialisation has on their Operating Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Horror stories are doing the rounds about initial impact measured in double-digit percentages and multi-year recovery time that settles at a permanent reduction in OEE in the order of several percent.

We aim of to examine – and challenge – such claims in more detail.

With the help of our second guest speaker at our Training Event, Tim Mantle from Pharma Alliance International, we will lift the lid on manufacturing effectiveness impact, explain why it happens, how it manifests itself, steps you can take to reduce it and to get people to look forward to a future where performance is enhanced by serialisation in the longer term.

Tim will present on day two of the 3C Serialisation Training Event. Tim’s session on 3rd April will focus on:

Manufacturing Impact and Effectiveness

  • Understanding manufacturing effectiveness – the use of time model
  • Impact of serialisation on use of time – impact on COT ERT UDT PDT
  • Minimising the impact
  • Looking to the longer term and performance improvement – serialisation is lean
  • The  potential to leverage your serialisation data to drive manufacturing effectiveness

For more information about the 3C Serialisation Training Event on 2nd / 3rd April, the agenda for the event and how to register go to the Events Page on the 3C Integrity website.

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