Follow the regulations and understand the impact for your operation

Our regulatory requirements radar, updated on a quarterly basis, is the essential road map to your travels in the world of serialization and traceability. The Excellis Europe global Regulatory Requirements Radar provides a comprehensive and detailed map of all global serialization/traceability requirements. It also delivers the “So what?” by setting out our expert interpretation of the requirements and what they mean for pharma manufacturers.

Our Radar offers practical guidance on understanding the requirements in the wider context to enable our customers to prepare an effective readiness program that will address your immediate requirements and add long-term strategic value to your business.

Unlike other lists of requirements that are available, the Excellis Europe Requirements Radar focuses on the “So what?”, offering an expert interpretation of the requirements and what they mean for pharma manufacturers, leading into practical guidance on understanding the requirements in the wider context and preparing an effective manufacturer readiness program both to address the immediate requirements but also tackling this work strategically in the more long-term context.

The Excellis Europe Regulatory Radar focuses on serialisation and traceability requirements. The radar aims to provide a comprehensive, systematic overview of existing and anticipated regulatory requirements for coding of pharmaceutical products.

The radar also details the enablers/capabilities necessary to fulfill the requirements along with a view of the role of supply chain participants in the requirement and their obligations

As well as recording technical details of specific coding requirements, the Excellis Europe Radar provides early warning of new and emerging coding requirements in order to feed the regulatory monitoring and assessment processes of pharma supply chain participants.


CMO On-boarding

Engage and integrate your CMOs and 3PLs successfully with Excellis Europe. Our proven CMO on-boarding program will link your internal and external supply chains seamlessly.

We keep track of the big picture so that you and your CMOs can focus on your serialization compliance while we secure your supply chain.

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Serialization healthcheck

Excellis Europe’s healthcheck will help you address your current health, where you need to be in your journey and where you can add value.

We will help you check the health of your own traceability solution and the health of your supply chain whatever stage you are at in your journey towards compliance.

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EU-Hub On-boarding

Excellis Europe have created a specialized passport to support all pharma manufacturers, brand owners, MAHs and repackagers successfully on-board to the European Hub.

Our passport will help you pass the stringent tests to on-board to the EU-Hub quickly and enable you to avoid unnecessary delays along the way.

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