Merry Christmas from 3C Integrity
December 18, 2015
Speak to 3C Excellis Europe about implementing serialisation
February 25, 2016

Our New Year’s Resolution: Two leading serialisation experts join forces to offer world-class services

2016 is an exciting year for 3C Integrity and will see us deliver a truly global service for the first time. We are joining forces with US based consultancy company Excellis Health Solutions and combining our strengths to provide world-leading expert consultancy focused on the challenges of serialisation for the pharmaceutical industry.

By joining forces with Excellis Health Solutions, we will be able to increase our capacity, draw on additional expertise and knowledge and offer a full serialisation service consultancy to pharma manufactures, CMOs and repackagers as well as to distributors and wholesalers in the pharmaceutical and life-science industries.

“As often requested by our customers over in Europe, we are now in a position to offer a complete set of services. This is a strategic move that will strengthen our position in leading the serialization adoption effort in Europe.” Christoph Krahenbuhl

From today we will be known as 3C Excellis Europe. You will slowly see us start to change our branding, website, social media and marketing to reflect our new name and increased services.

3C Excellis Europe will become a subsidiary of Excellis Health Solutions, incorporating the current Excellis Europe organisation. Additionally Frederic Menardo will join the European management team alongside Christoph Krahenbuhl and Ian Haynes.

“As the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry stakeholders are facing many challenges in securing their brand and addressing the different serialization mandates this puts us in a unique position to offer a full range of actionable strategic services “. Frederic Menardo VP EMEA for 3C-Excellis Europe.

This move also allows us to develop new products that will help pharma companies meet the forthcoming serialisation deadlines (keep an eye on our website for more on these products soon!).

We will, of course, continue to deliver the leading vendor-independent serialization services we currently provide but this exciting development enables us to extend our world-class services to deliver expertise that covers the full scope of serialisation and track and trace capabilities, from line-level solutions to EPCIS/repository to warehouse and supply chain, for all pharma and life-science stakeholders.

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