Building the European System
April 17, 2018
30 Weeks to EU FMD: Your Questions Answered
July 10, 2018

Another brick in the wall for the European System as Bulgaria joins the EMVS

We wrote about building the European system and the roll-out progress earlier this week and the four national systems that have successfully connected to the European hub: Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland.

This has now increased to five national systems with Bulgaria connecting on the 18th April:

What does this progress mean?

It is fantastic to see the progress made by all these countries and more importantly what this means for pharma companies. To quote Illiana Paunova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Medicines Verification Organisation:

Starting the pilot on schedule provides enough time to all participants in the pharmaceutical logistics chain to onboard, test, train and prepare themselves on time. This will allow pressure-free deployment of the system, avoiding otherwise inevitable extra costs associated with short deadlines.

For us, as expert serialization consultants, the emphasis on time is a key take-away for other countries as well as companies within the pharma supply chain.  There are 13 countries due to go-live before the end of July and with the already live EMV systems this brings the total to just over 50% of countries being connected.

We can help on-board

This is fantastic progress but there is still a lot of hard work for pharma companies within each country to be ready for the 9th February 2019.  Our knowledge of the EMVO and EMVS enables us too help your business understand the intimate detail of serialization as well as the wider European picture.

Email for more information on how we can help you develop a successful serialization solution so you can focus on your part in cementing the future of our European system.

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