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March 28, 2014
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3C Integrity Serialisation Training Event – great success

Cranage HallWell attended

Over 30 delegates attended the first 3C Integrity Serialisation Training Event at Cranage Hall on 2nd and 3rd April 2014.

Recipharm, Aspen, Abbott, Reckitts, Chester Medical, Pharmapac and Bard Pharmaceuticals were represented amongst the over 30 delegates benefitting from attending the training and gave the event excellent feedback:

 Great Feedback

How useful to your company was the information presented at this event?

“Very useful. Although we already have running projects and rolled-out systems, the event put many details in perspective and provided hands-on toolkits.”

“It was really useful. It had a great balance between the big picture and the detail”

“Very – broad scope covering a number of key areas”

“Very useful, covered every aspect”

“Very useful and informative”


How much has your knowledge improved as a result of this event?

“A lot.”

“Considerably, especially from a manufacturer and serialisation background / history approach”

“Very much so”

“My awareness, knowledge and understanding of the big picture regarding serialisation improved definitely.”

“Significantly – raised areas of possible concerns/watch-outs that I had previously not considered. But will now take personal action to raise with relevant areas in the business.”

“Greatly improved”

“Very much !!”

“Very eye-opening and thought-provoking in a very practical way”


Next events

We have also gained an great deal of learning from this first event which we are going to incorporate in the preparations for the next two events we are planning to run this year. Please drop us an email to register your interest and we will contact you once the dates and location of future events have been determined.


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