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How well do you understand Europe?

Europe is a complex continent even for those who inhabit it. It squeezes a population that is bigger than that of the USA into 32 countries that speak nearly as many languages. In fact there are 26 official languages of Europe with some countries having more than one national language (The Swiss have four official languages).

And that complexity is just in terms of being a tourist across Europe. Imagine trying to ensure your pharmaceutical products are compliant with the EU-FMD? Even those of us that live in the continent might be guilty of under-estimating the task at hand when serializing in this continent. The 32 countries of Europe all have:

  • Their own laws
  • Distinct health care systems
  • Specific national supply chain characteristics
  • Individual distribution and pharmacy networks
  • Sometimes they also have national (multi-) language packs and national product codes

How to get to grips with Europe and securing EU-FMD compliance

You need to work with the best, those experienced global leaders in serialization. Whether this is attending events where experts from both sides of the pond are talking or consulting with companies that have worked globally or have teams that are working – preferably hands-on – within the legislative landscape of each county.

Why are we recommending this?

Get help from the global leaders that work with organisations such as EFPIA and the EMVO will add context to any traceability project.  Companies with teams in Europe and the USA can bring experience from areas where requirements are progressing at a different pace in the USA and in Europe.

By consulting with companies that are working hands-on within Europe – and the USA – it enables you to maximise their connections from partners to solution vendors. This can be balanced with an understanding of the differences in regulations and what this means for your serialization solution.

3C Excellis can help

We are a global consulting company that is a leading presence in serialization expertise on both sides of the Atlantic. Our global team of specialists work together using shared toolkits and common processes. These are available to make your journey smooth and painless as well as ensuring you meet your serialization destination (and deadline) on time and in budget.

If you need the right guide to Europe email GetSecured@3CExcellis.Eu and we’ll make sure your journey is a calm and successful one.



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