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May 26, 2014
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August 12, 2014

“Serialization events – Which ones are useful and which ones are not?”

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Christoph presenting at Serialisation Conference

There is a currently a lively discussion on one of the Linked-In groups: “Serialization events – Which ones are useful and which ones are not?” but, reading through the contributions and the views being expressed, it seems to us that the key point is not being answered:

“This Serialisation thing – where the heck do I start?”

Those contributors who discuss the merits of Webex calls vs. visiting a trade show or the benefits of a conference that will “focus on … global regulations” are missing the point: Whilst a focus on regulations has a place in any serialisation programme, what many companies really need to know now is how to put together a serialisation programme that builds on the experience of others and gives a fast track to a successful and predicable outcome.

Time for compliance with looming regulations in many markets is now desperately short and companies who have not yet kicked off their programme will need to be extremely efficient using their time to get up to speed in terms of understanding and training their serialisation team.

Practical answers and help you can trust

Companies and their team who have been charged with “getting serialisation sorted out” are in great need of trustworthy help and practical answers to the big questions: “How will this impact our company?”, “How long will it take and how much will it cost?”, “What is the right (and what is the wrong way) to implement a serialisation implementation programme?”

It is to provide answers to these questions that 3C Integrity have developed the 3C Integrity Pharma Serialisation Training – if you need to know more about the solution and how to implement it, then this training will deliver the practical guidance you need. Our training provides solid, experience-based, comprehensive and truly vendor independent support; it aims to equip the customer with the understanding of the territory and the scope that will enable them to set up their own programme for success and avoid taking decisions that will turn out to have been ill-advised or inappropriate for their needs.




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