Secure Russia MDLP and OMS reporting
Delivering to Russia traceability requirements

Today, mainstream solutions often struggle to keep pace with the changes in the reports driven by the CRPT, leaving customers with a gap in reporting capability or cumbersome workarounds to upload the different reports.

To close this gap, Excellis has developed a Reporting Engine to the Russian system. This uses the established experience of our Russian partner in supporting traceability reporting for other industries.

The Excellis solution is vendor-agnostic and will retrieve the necessary information from the core serialization solution. It will enrich it with master data and other transactional information to create the necessary reports and facilitate the upload to the OMS and the MDLP.

This is available as a managed service by the Excellis Russian desk or as a reporting engine.

We have been present on the Russian market for many years, supporting local customers and developing our relationship with our local partners. We are working very closely with the CRPT and have our own OMS and MDLP environment certifications and connections.

Do not hesitate to contact us as we can support you with our Russian compliance and implementation services.