Expert Serialization Strategy for
Russia traceability solutions

Russia Reporting Engine – Excellis is closing the gap with the Russia MDLP and OMS Reporting engine

Russia’s traceability approach is one of the world’s most challenging, requiring all stakeholders outside and inside Russia to submit transactions at high granularity to the central MDLP system operated by CRPT. Even advanced mainstream solutions are currently not able to offer the full set of reports, leaving their customers with a gap in reporting capability or cumbersome workarounds

To close this gap, Excellis has developed a Reporting engine to the Russian system, leveraging the established experience of our Russian partner and our own OMS and MDLP environment certifications and connections.

The Excellis solution is vendor-agnostic and will retrieve the necessary information from the core Serialization solution, enrich it with master data and other transactional information, to create the necessary reports and facilitate the upload to the OMS and the MDLP.

Available either as a managed services by the Excellis Russian desk or as a reporting engine.


Excellis Europe – your partner of choice to ensure supply chain compliance in Russia. 

Russia passed legislation on pharmaceutical traceability which takes requirements established in other markets to new levels. 

Excellis have the practical experience and unrivalled expertise to help ensure that the necessary changes along your end-to-end supply chain can be implemented in time to meet the tight Russia regulation timelines.

We are working closely with CRPT, the “Russian EMVO”, responsible for developing and deploying the traceability system in Russia.

We can also offer in-market support and system integration capabilities through our strategic partnership with leading local services provider, Korus Consulting.

We support pharmaceutical companies and their partners at every step, from helping with the time-critical registration with CRPT and other Agencies (our “Passport to Russia” service) through to process updates and production line upgrades, to the integration with CRPT OMS Crypto code exchange and complex events reporting to the MDLP.

We are continually updating our Russia Reporting Engine to help pharma companies to secure access to the Russian market by supporting the full MDLP event reporting that leading traceability vendors are unable to provide

 If you are concerned about your Russia reporting system readiness, contact us urgently. We can help!

We will get you – and keep you – compliant to allow you to maximise access to this key market with major growth potential.

Let Excellis Europe guide you successfully through the challenges of Russia and secure your future sales.

In response to the current technical problems with the MDLP reporting and the critical supply chain issues these have caused, new reports have been developed by MDLP. The most important of these for our customers is 703, that can be used to facilitate foreign importation to Russia transactions. We are pleased to announce that our Russia Reporting Engine is now able to support this new transaction.