Secure Russia MDLP and OMS reporting
Delivering to Russia traceability requirements

Today, mainstream solutions still struggle to the full range of reports driven by the CRPT, leaving customers with a gap in reporting capability or cumbersome workarounds.

To close this gap, Excellis has developed a Reporting Engine to the Russian system leveraging the established experience of our Russian partner in supporting traceability reporting for other industries.

The Excellis Russia Reporting Engine is a fully validated solution that addresses customers’ compliance risks while their main L4/L5 EPCIS solution is not ready for the full range of Russia Reporting requirements.

The Reporting Engine enables manufacturers to upload crypto code consumption to the OMS and transactional track & trace data to the MDLP.

The Excellis solution is vendor-agnostic and will retrieve the necessary information from the core serialization solution. It will enrich it with master data and other transactional information to create the necessary reports and facilitate the upload to the OMS and the MDLP.

It also includes the recall and change information reports that are currently not available from main solution providers; these are essential when setting up and validating the full end-to-end reporting choreography across all business partners involved in your supply chain.

Our customers use the Report Engine as part of their risk mitigation strategy: It allows them to fully test and validate their processes, their data flows and their master data and also additional data feeds, such as customs clearance information before their L4/L5 EPCIS solution provider has finally successfully delivered the ‘out-of-the-box’ reports and avoids the risk of having to implement, test and validate all data flows, including their partners, very close to the compliance deadline.

The Reporting Engine is available either as a tool operated by the customer or as a Managed Service on the basis of the Excellis Service Bureau platform, to remove the need for cumbersome and risky manual processes.

Excellis Europe: your expert partner for securing Russia market compliance

We have been present on the Russian market for many years, supporting local customers and developing our relationship with our local partners. We are working very closely with the CRPT and have our own OMS and MDLP environment certifications, accounts and connections.

In addition to the Reporting Engine, we also provide Russia specific subject matter expertise, project management and help with the complex on-boarding and registration steps needed to be ready to participate in the new Russia Track and Trace process.

Do not hesitate to contact us as we can support you with our Russian compliance and implementation services.