Precise planning
to create accurate project goals

We deliver precise planning of the project execution timeline to minimise the risk of budget-impact.

Our deep industry knowledge enables us to create accurate project goals, milestones and tasks and ensures all dependencies with key stakeholders are taken into consideration.

Excellis Europe are committed to actively managing your project by monitoring the actual vs. planned schedule, budget, and resources in order to proactively identify project deviations and manage these before they impact your organisation.

Our project and program management team coordinates all activities between internal and external project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that all tasks are performed on time and in budget.

Serialization expertise

For the life science and pharmaceutical industry we make sure you deliver serialized products. We are a leader in traceability and understand the needs of the pharma supply chain.

We have a comprehensive and experience-based perspective on serialization and track and track solutions that we implement into our supply chain practice.

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IT Solutions Expertise

Excellis Europe are highly experienced in the planning, design, and implementation of SAP business processes for clients in the pharma and life science sectors.

We are proud to be an official SAP partner delivering over 40 years of combined expertise through our deep knowledge of SAP methodologies.

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Validation and compliance

Excellis Europe deliver validation and compliance that not only follows industry best practice it meets regulatory and quality standards.

Our consultancy has the experts, processes, and tools to successfully manage any validation and compliance project you have. We incorporate a risk-based methodology that will help you achieve your compliance objectives.

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