Register with EMVO in Europe or CRPT in Russia

We are here to help you get your passport to the EU or Russia. Excellis Europe will guide you through the complex multi-step process of on-boarding to the EMVO’s European Hub or CRPT, as well as the Russian OMS and MDLP systems so you will be compliant in time, with minimal hassle.

We will work with you to make sure you understand the process, the wider context and are clear about your responsibilities. We help you identify who needs to be involved, the appropriate legal entity and will work with you to ensure you provide the data and documents to make your application right first time.

All Pharma companies who will be selling products in the European or Russian Market need to complete their on-boarding to EMVO and the European Hub or CRPT and the OMS and MDLP systems as soon as possible.

The registration processes and legitimacy checks are complex, involve many steps and can be time-consuming, especially if information provided is not correct first time.

Our specialized passport service has been developed to help you complete your on-boarding to the hub smoothly and painlessly, getting you ready for a successful technical connection with the least amount of hassle.

Excellis Europe have been working closely with the EMVO and CRPT and have in-depth knowledge of the systems and processes that every pharma manufacturer needs to get on-boarded. Our experts have developed detailed processes and checklists to walk you through these complex processes and to make sure that you don’t trip up along the way.

Contact Excellis Europe to get your specialized passport to Europe or Russia.

By utilising our specialized passport you can avoid unnecessary delays and complete this complex process quickly.

Email getsecured@Excellishealth.eu and get ready for your traceability journey.

CMO on-boarding

Engage and integrate your CMOs and 3PLs successfully with 3C Excellis. Our proven CMO on-boarding program will link your internal and external supply chains seamlessly.

We keep track of the big picture so that you and your CMOs can focus on your serialization compliance while we secure your supply chain.

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Regulatory Requirements Radar

Understand your traceability requirements at a glance and within a wider context with our regulatory requirements radar. This will enable you to plan and implement a successful serialization response.

Our regulatory requirements radar will help you comply today and tomorrow while adding value at each stage.

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Serialization healthcheck

3C Excellis’ healthcheck will help you address your current health, where you need to be in your journey and where you can add value.

We will help you check the health of your own traceability solution and the health of your supply chain whatever stage you are at in your journey towards compliance.

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