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November 2, 2020
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December 11, 2020

NNIT Group acquires Excellis Health Solutions and continues its Life Sciences growth journey

This press release expands upon NNIT Company Announcement 12/2020, published November 9, 2020.

Copenhagen, November 9, 2020 – NNIT acquires US-based Excellis, a leading specialized global provider in end-to-end supply chain consulting services to the life sciences industry. Excellis will join the NNIT Group as a subsidiary and will continue to do business as Excellis Health Solutions under the management of the current CEO and Founder, Greg Cathcart.

With the acquisition of Excellis, NNIT strengthens its leading global position within life sciences even further: An area of the NNIT business which has shown an average yearly growth of +35% over the past three years.

Excellis will strengthen NNIT’s customer portfolio across the global pharma and biotech industries and enhance the Group’s ability to provide end-to-end life sciences IT services to all customers.

In particular when it comes to the implementation and integration of TraceLink, as Excellis is the primary global reselling and implementation partner of this market-leading supply chain management platform for the pharmaceutical industry and its eco-system.

“We are excited to welcome Excellis and their unique experience and expert knowledge of the life sciences end-to-end supply chain. The acquisition is an important milestone in our strategy to grow the life sciences segment further. At the same time, we are delivering on our promise to further strengthen and grow our portfolio of IT services and solutions to the benefit of our customers. Excellis will play an important role in securing our leading global position,” says Per Kogut, CEO of NNIT. Ricco Larsen, SVP of Life Sciences, supplements: “We have already shown that we are able to successfully acquire IT companies within the life sciences segment and quickly leverage the joint synergies – in this case adding supply chain management advisory services to our portfolio to the benefit of our customers.”

The Excellis acquisition marks the third consecutive life sciences acquisition in two years. In late 2018, NNIT acquired US-based Valiance Partners and in 2019, NNIT acquired Swiss-based Halfmann Goetsch Partner (HGP), both of which have successfully added significant value to the NNIT Group in terms of capabilities, services, customers and growth.

Greg Cathcart, CEO and Founder of Excellis Health Solutions comments:

“We are extremely proud to join the NNIT Group and the journey they are on. By joining a global leading provider of IT services to the life sciences industry, the Excellis team will have an opportunity to expand much faster, and we believe that the capabilities that NNIT brings to the market is something our customers will require, and vice versa. The acquisition will support our joint goals as well as our customers’ goals,” He continues: “In the NNIT Group we see a strong cultural match and we are confident that the shared cultural values will help us in leveraging the strong synergies between our two companies. Our more than a decade long journey continues with now more than 3,000 new colleagues in the NNIT Group and a vast array of new opportunities.”

Excellis was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in New Hope, Pennsylvania in the US. The company employs approximately 100 employees, mainly in the US and Europe.

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