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May 13, 2016
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Exclusive opportunity to develop an innovative serialization solution – NOW CLOSED

As a specialist pharma consulting company we understand all the elements required to successfully bring, or adapt, a product to the market. One of these elements is market research where we identify and analyse the needs, size and competition within the pharmaceutical market.

One of our clients is currently testing an innovative solution they have for applying a ‘unique identifier’ to individual glass components. If brought to market this product has the potential to increase manufacturing efficiency; reduce chance of product mix up and enhance brand perception  for the pharma industry and potentially the dental and veterinary sectors as well.

To successfully bring this product to market they need to fully understand the needs of their potential customers.

We need your help

We are conducting market research on behalf of our client to ensure the product is right for the pharmaceutical industry.

We would like to interview a production or supply chain manager from pharmaceutical manufacturers that fill vials, cartridges or syringes to further our research on this product.  Each telephone interview will take approximately 30 minutes at a time and date to suit you and will focus on a series of questions and a detailed overview of the potential solution.

In return for your time you will be the first to know about the launch of this product and have exclusive access to our research findings.

How to take part

Unfortunately this opportunity is now closed. If you would like to help 3C Excellis with future market research please email

Contact to find out how we can help you develop unique pharmaceutical solutions.


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