EMVO publishes onboarding deadlines – this must be complete by June 2018
February 1, 2018
Get your passport to EU-FMD compliance at our free webinar
April 9, 2018

Implement EU-FMD right the first time: Tracelink and 3C Excellis free webinar

There is now under a year to go until all pharma companies need to be compliant with the EU-FMD requirements. On the 9th February which marked exactly a year to go until the EU-FMD comes into effect, Tracelink and 3C Excellis presented a free 20 minute webinar on: Implementing EU-FMD Right the First Time.

Christoph Krähenbuhl, our Senior Director, joined Allan Bowyer, Directory of Industry Marketing, at Tracelink to discuss what pharma companies need to do – at this late stage – to achieve compliance in time. Together they talked about:

  • Who needs to be compliant in time
  • The responsibilities they need to assign internally
  • Planning for serialization success for business success
  • How the right pack will ensure patient safety
  • The elements of a good serialized pack
  • Master data management
  • A quick-start guide to success

Looking at all these elements will help pharma companies reduce risk and ensure future delivery. Serialization is a complex process and it will impact on most areas of a business, even at this stage – with less than a year to go – there is time to implement traceability successfully.

Download the on-demand webinar for free

Visit Tracelink’s website and register to watch this free 20-minute webinar: https://www.tracelink.com/insights/implementing-eu-fmd-right-the-first-time

Not started serialization, yet?

If you are a pharma company that hasn’t started your serialization solution yet, Christoph had the following advice:


If you are still to start implementation then now is the time to call for help. You will only be in business post-2018 if you obtain help from the experts.

Email getsecured@3CExcellis.eu for help. We will help you achieve compliance in time and ensure the safety of your business.



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