3C Integrity Serialisation Training
February 18, 2014

Why we are going to run these Serialisation Training Events

Christoph Krähenbühl presentingGetting ready for Serialisation as required by the EU-FMD presents a major challenge for every pharmaceutical manufacturer supplying the European Market.

Many manufacturers – especially smaller and medium-sized companies – are struggling with their implementation programmes, in particular they find it hard to get access to solid, useful and un-biased advice and guidance.

There are, of course, many (too many?) Conferences on this topic where attendees pay a lot of money to hear presentations by the Big-Pharma pioneers telling them about their complex, many-year and multi-million EURO projects that are still not complete; where there are talks about the intricate details of coding requirements in dozens of markets, the historical origin, changes, reversals and continuing uncertainties or where attendees can see multiple vendors present their solutions that all seem to perfectly suited to any requirement defined by any customer in the world…

A training event that delivers what the is really required:

A structured training course that covers all the areas from project initiation through practical implementation steps; that takes into consideration your company’s particular constraints, teaches you about the pitfalls to avoid, helps you identify priority areas where work can start immediately, and shows you a pragmatic approach to defining your requirements, running your vendor selection and taking you to the point where you are ready to make your implementation project a success.

That is why 3C Integrity will be running a series of training events that is different:

  • The curriculum will be fully structured and controlled by 3C Integrity
  • The content will be based on practical, real world knowledge and experience
  • The event will be vendor and solution independent
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