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March 10, 2017
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April 3, 2017

The current picture of serialization in 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has seen 3C Excellis present and attend the following:

We’ve also held our first free online webinar of the year: 10 essential things you need to know to secure EU-FMD compliance; and will be faciliating the Global Track and Trace Round Table later this year.

What have these serialization conferences revealed about the state of traceability?

The EU-FMD deadline is now less than two years away and we have noticed a considerable increase in the awareness of this timescale and the urgent need to achieve readiness. This is a good sign that all within the pharma supply chain are getting ready to comply, however there are new concerns emerging such as:

  • Regulatory obligations are not the only requirement for supply chain actors to ensure patient safety
  • Will illegal products still infiltrate the legitimate supply chain and threaten patient safety?
  • Strategic action must be backed by practical application to meet compliance.
  • What is the future of serialization? What will be the business drivers of the future? How can value be added beyond compliance?

How can you address these serialization concerns in time and on cost?

All companies will be facing complex implementation, size is not applicable when it comes to serialization. Having said that, 3C Excellis know that a restricted budget does not restrict ambition or stop you adding value beyond compliance.

Investing in a holistic approach – such as ours – where we act as  your partner will help you get serialization right, whatever stage you are at. We understand that the technology solution stack is just a part of the bigger picture and while important there are additional elements you need to get right.

Our practical hands-on experience means we can deliver more than others, our use-cases for manufacturing CMOs, EPCIS/repository, data exchange and supply chain highlight this.

We will be holding another free online webinar on 27th April addressing the surface problem of traceability and delving into the real question as well: what does it mean for you? Email and add yourself to the waiting list or contact us for vendor-independent serialization consultancy.




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