3C Integrity and LifeBee announce next Pharma Serialisation Workshop in Florence
June 5, 2015
Are you suffering from serialisation fatigue?
July 27, 2015

Create a recipe for success (serialisation style)

Popular culture has it that Mrs Beeton’s recipe for jugged hare begins – “First catch your hare…” what’s the first step in your serialisation success recipe?

Given the likely substantial scale of your investment, catching your serialisation solution provider would normally be preceded by a lengthy definition of requirements and production of at least an outline URS, an RFI phase with a long list of candidates, an RFP phase and vendor presentations with a short list and then a range of due diligence and commercial activities until you finally “catch your hare”.

There is increasing evidence that the shortage of time to implement serialisation across supply chains combined with the lack of capacity with experienced vendors in the serialisation space is causing some pharma companies to take extraordinary steps to catch their hares. We are hearing of companies attempting to place orders with no URS, no scope, no timescale, indeed no definition at all simply to “book a slot” in the order book – we are also detecting that suppliers are picking and choosing which vendor selection exercises they get involved in preferring to pick out the easy jobs, or working with clients they already know.

We have the ingredients to help

We understand that keeping your products on the market when the serialisation requirements come into force is of the utmost importance to you. It is why, rather than have you break the rules to secure a vendor and meet a deadline, we have created our serialisation training.

Our training will ensure you leave with a recipe (or roadmap) to implement serialisation successfully. LifeBee, our partner for our forthcoming serialisation training in Florence, have said the following about our collaboration:

We chose to partner with 3C Integrity because we believe that their expertise and skills in serialisation and traceability for the pharmaceutical sector are complementary to LifeBee approach, in order to develop successful serialisation projects compliant to international guidelines”

Teresa Minero CEO and Founder at LifeBee

Eventbrite - 3C Integrity Pharma Serialisation Workshop in collaboration with LifeBee

We also provide in-house training events and consultancy for clients across the world contact events@excellishealth.eu for more information.

You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for regular tips (or perhaps recipes?!) and serialisation updates. Drop us a tweet, comment on this post or on LinkedIn and let us know how you are starting your serialisation recipes.

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