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April 3, 2017
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May 9, 2017

Only 38% of pharma companies have started CMO on-boarding. Are you sure that your CMOs and 3PLs are ready for the EU-FMD deadline?

If your CMOs and 3PLs are not ready in time can you be guaranteed to be fully compliant too?

There are less than two years to go until the EU-FMD deadline and pharma companies are finally starting to take note, pay attention, and start implementing. Our recent webinar revealed that around 50% of pharma manufacturers, repackagers and virtual pharmas have a serialization programme that is in progress.

This is a great start but with every step in the journey a new challenge arises. As more and more brand owners and manufacturers move towards compliance they leave their CMOs and 3PLs a step behind. While our free webinar highlighted the progress of the industry in general it revealed a lack of preparation at the CMO level with only 38% of pharma companies having started their CMO on-boarding program. This represents a significant risk to your business and it is a risk that needs addressing sooner rather than later.

Why does it matter if your CMOs aren’t on-board?

Your CMOs are an integral part of the supply chain and they form an essential part of your serialization readiness. They will need to be serialization ready and integrated into all your processes and this poses a big challenge.

The serialisation technology stack is, obviously, at the centre of the implementation programme but there is more to do than just getting the technology ready. Communication and education can be barriers to serialization success within your supply chain.

Starting communication at the early stages is important in order to evaluate and start to manage the risk.

How 3C Excellis can help

We’ve developed a complete CMO on-boarding program that delivers structure, assessment and on-boarding for secure and successful serialization.

Find out more about our CMO on-boarding or email for how we can help you and your CMOs get secured in time, on cost, and with added value.

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