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July 27, 2016
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October 11, 2016

The changing pharma marketplace at IFPW

Excellis Health Solutions – the company we have combined forces with to become 3C Excellis Europe – recently represented us both at the IFPW General Membership Meeting in London.

On the 14th – 16th September we were exhibiting with others in the pharmaceutical supply chain at the Landmark Hotel. The IFPW General Membership Meeting is a fantastic opportunity to talk to those working in the industry, key stakeholders, and thought-leaders about the changing pharma marketplace.



Focusing on pharmaceutical distribution the GMM is, as always, a timely option for us to discuss all aspects of serialization. We spoke to attendees and our fellow exhibitors about the serialization landscape and the added value compliance can bring if a well constructed programme is delivered.

Frederic Menardo, Vice President EMEA, said “It has been an excellent high level meeting to also discuss and understand the interrogations of the pharma supply chain in regard to serialization since it will have a significant impact on processes and costs in a very tight environment. It was a great opportunity to share some of the best practices Excellis has been developing to recover benefits from this regulatory exercise that is an important step toward safer medicines supply.

If you missed us at the IFPM GMM we will be attending futures events across Europe in the coming months or you can tweet us or email events@excellishealth.eu for thought-leading expert serialisation advice.


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