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March 13, 2014
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March 28, 2014

Calling Serialisation Gurus

Serialisation Guru QR Code LogoWe have been working on something very special and unique over the past few months here at 3C Integrity.

Serialisation Gurus community of practice

As well as offering a series of invaluable training events designed to help your company establish serialisation capability, we are launching a new LinkedIn Group that we would like to invite you to join.

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Join the Serialisation Gurus group, a forum for practitioners working for pharma companies to share learning and participate in open and frank discussions in an safe and supportive environment.

Working on Serialisation projects in the pharmaceutical industry for many years we have learned that while the concept of pharma serialisation seems straightforward, implementation is anything but!

We know that implementing such projects presents a major challenge for any organisation. As “Serialisation Gurus” with a wealth of unrivalled practical experience, we are genuinely concerned to offer all the help and support we can to make sure you can see through the establishment of a world class serialisation readiness program from inception to successful delivery.

We thought we could get the ball rolling by feeding in some of the exclusive training material 3C integrity will be presenting at its training events.

The Serialisation Gurus group is one means of achieving this goal. So become a Serialisation Guru today and join us on LinkedIn:  

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Have a question about our events or the Serialisation Gurus Group?

Contact us – Christoph (+44 7765 221 298) or Ian (+44 7714 226 487) or email: events@excellishealth.eu


Don’t forget the 3C Integrity Serialisation Training Event on 2nd and 3rd April!

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